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Because we care and understand ours Customers we are making YOUR Moving experience  stress free and comfortable.
Do you do packing?

We offer packing of your goods with professional packers. We can pack your home or office for either local or long-distance moves as needed. We will do any part of your packing that you choose.
Can we leave our drawers or cabinets full of items?

Items ought to be removed from your drawers and cabinets prior to the move, in order to prevent any damage to the furniture item, which may result from difficulty in handling the item and stress of extra weight during the journey to your destination.
Will you assemble or disassemble any of my furniture items? OR Will you take apart and put back together any of my furniture?

EJA Services YOUR Moving  Specialist will help you with the basic breaking down and reassembly of typical in-house items such as tables or beds.
How do I know that your truck will fit on all my belongings?

The matter depends on the circumstance. Most streets have the necessary room for our trucks to get in and situate themselves. In some instances, you may be required by the city or police department to get a permit. If you are unsure, you can always ask your building manager, neighbors, or even your real estate agent who will most likely know the answer. Please keep in mind that providing adequate parking for the truck is your responsibility. In some cases, a "shuttle truck" is needed and will be provided at an additional charge.
What if I cannot be present at the time of delivery?

Assuming we are already aware of this fact, you will have already filled out a "Third Party Authorization Form", which gives someone else the right to act on your behalf, when we arrive to deliver your items.
Is there a fuel surcharge? NO
Many, if not most of the moving companies out there include a fuel charge when providing an estimate. This charge fluctuates because the price of fuel does the same on a regular basis. By adding the fuel costs in a separate column from the estimate, we are able to adjust this rate according to current market rates.
Will I be seeing your company driver during the pick up and or delivery of my things?
You will see our driver at the time of your delivery. Being that we are a "full service company", you will be dealing with our employees from the beginning to the end of your move process.
Do you offer packing or unpacking services? YES
We have special packing crews that will offer a full service pack or partial pack.
Our professionally trained packers can handle any type of packing, including fine china, crating of art, marble tops, chandeliers and plasma TVs.